Personnel Management Program

Personnel Management Program

It offers integrated solutions to manage all aspects of employees, from recruitment, training and attendance to performance appraisal and salaries.

Personnel Management Program

One of his most important jobs:

Organizing and arranging employee information easily.
Reducing personnel costs through comprehensive process control.
Reducing the chances of human errors and repetitive actions.
Track employee performance and develop their skills.
Efficiently applying and unifying human resource policies.
Make better-informed decisions with accurate data and reports.

The personnel management program of Masarat systems also includes the following features:

  • Manage employee files and employment records including their CVs, contact details and wage records.
  • Track work hours and employee vacations and manage their absence.
  • Manage the entire recruitment process including job posting, screening applications, interviewing and hiring candidates.
  •  Plan training and development programs and track course progress.
  • Create performance appraisal forms, give feedback, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees.
  • Determine pay increases, incentive and bonus schemes based on performance appraisal results.
  • Create various reports to support employee management decisions.
  • Manage occupational risks and receive reports of accidents and work injuries.
  • Integration with salaries systems, accounts and email.
Practical solutions with professional technology

Are you looking for a system to manage your personnel affairs?

Our personnel management software is the comprehensive solution for arranging and coordinating all personnel-related operations and achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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