Manufacturing Software

A program that helps in running and managing factory operations with high efficiency.
Includes production accounts and industrial costs.

Manufacturing System

One of his most important jobs:

Resource Management

Plan and coordinate resources such as personnel, equipment, and materials to meet production requirements.


Plan and monitor production schedules to meet customer orders.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels, orders and shipments and plan material purchase orders.

Asset Tracking

Managing equipment maintenance and planning operations and periodic maintenance.

Quality Management

Ensure compliance with standards and specifications throughout the manufacturing process.

Horizontal Manufacturing

Plan and control horizontal manufacturing operations that include multiple products.

Real-time Data Collection

To assist in making quick decisions while operating the plant.

One of its most important features :

  • Define the components of the item once, and the current cost of the components is calculated with the issuance of the manufacturing voucher automatically.
  • Automatically calculate the cost of the final product, including any expenses other than the cost of raw materials.
  • The system supports cost centers with the possibility of having main and subsidiary cost centers.
  • The possibility of linking a specific account to a virtual cost center.
  • Possibility to make cost center mandatory for some accounts.
  • The ability to view an account statement or a cost center statement for several years.
  • The ability to attach copies of documents when registering exchange and receipt vouchers so that they can be referred to when needed.
  • Increase the flexibility of manufacturing processes.
  • The ability to adapt to rapid changes in demand.
Practical solutions with professional technology

Are you looking for a system to manage your factory ?

Masarat Manufacturing Management Software helps you improve operations efficiency, reduce costs, enhance productivity, comply with standards, reduce delivery time, and provides data that enables management to see what is happening inside the factory. Double your industry growth opportunities with Masarat Manufacturing Management System.

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