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About Masarat ?

Masarat Accounting Systems Company was established in 2018 with the simple idea of providing integrated accounting solutions for small, medium and large companies. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated and specialized team, the company has succeeded in achieving great success and increasing the number of its customers significantly.

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Our vision

Providing the best software solutions with their global standards and the distinguished Arab presence to achieve progress in digital transformation.

Our message

Promote and activate innovation in the digital and profitable solutions industry, and increase the effectiveness and excellence in the overall quality of our clients' business to achieve their goals.

Our goal

To become a reliable partner for our clients and strive to be the first choice for companies looking for advanced accounting solutions that facilitate their success.

Our team

Team with broad imagination, serious in research, diligent in development, consultants and engineers who work with high efficiency, professionalism and ethical commitment in meeting our clients’ services and are proud of their creative innovations.

Why Masarat ?

Professional.. safe.. simple
The software interface is easy to use.
User permissions
Comprehensive reports
Value added tax
Periodic updates

Electronic Billing

Compliant with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Create invoices with a QR code compatible with the requirements of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Share with clients

Issue e-invoices and send them to your customers via email, and get paid seamlessly with advanced payment options.

Discounts and settlement

Add discounts to invoices by percentage or amount and select the discount method to include the entire invoice or at the level of each item separately, with the advantage of making a settlement by deducting simple amounts after calculating the tax on the invoice.

Price offers to clients

Create price offers and send them to your customers, including items, their prices, and applicable tax details. You can also convert them into an invoice with a single click if the customer approves them.

Multiple payment methods

Cash - Network - Transfer

Customizable templates

Customize your invoices and include additional fields in them as per your business need, you can use one of them as default template or choose from pre-populated invoice templates

  •  Change column names
  •  change colors
  • Add company seal

Our Systems

To take control of your money you need cash management software.

It offers many capabilities, including budgeting, expense tracking, cash flow operations, invoice creation, and receivables and payments management.

In order to meet the flood of demands, companies need to be able to respond quickly with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that improves order fulfillment capabilities, enhances overall productivity, and increases the quality of inventory tracking with high accuracy while saving time and costs.

The perfect solution for managing your company’s accounts efficiently and with high accuracy, while maintaining accurate and reliable accounting records for financial operations.

Which helps in identifying the sources that lead to revenues, expenses, and various costs, recording and managing daily financial transactions, and accurately tracking assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses.

An accounting program for factories and laboratories that includes production accounts and industrial costs.

It is prepared and dedicated to following up all the accounting operations of the factories, from the beginning of the accounts of raw materials, through the costs of production and manufacturing operations, to the points of sale and distribution.

Contracting software is a comprehensive solution that helps all construction companies streamline their operations, improve efficiency and achieve their business goals. It is designed to act as a one stop shop for all your contracting needs,

Including project management, estimating, scheduling, accounting, and reporting.

Your company needs a system that manages personal and procedural data for employees, such as attendance, departure, vacations, salaries, bonuses, evaluations, training and development.

Designed to meet all your restaurant and coffee shop needs. With its user-friendly interface, this software is the perfect solution for owners and managers who want to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

The ultimate solution for all your business needs!

Our software is designed to streamline your sales process with a suite of point of sale that is sure to take your business to the next level.

Your company needs a physical online presence through a website or mobile application in order to stand out from the competition by attracting customers, increasing revenues, reaching and communicating with customers online, enhancing the brand, increasing sales volume, and improving the customer experience.

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Practical solutions with professional technology

If you are looking for accounting software to manage your business activities.

Systems Paths Company has the most powerful accounting programs, as our programs are designed for large, medium and small companies and shops, which allow the user the perfect solution to many accounting problems.

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