Public Accounts Software

The General Accounts software at Masarat Systems is an application used in managing and organizing financial and accounting operations for companies and institutions of different sizes.

Public Accounts Software

The system of general accounts The program includes a set of functions and tools that help in:

  •  Entering the financial data.

  • Recording of accounting operations.

  • Financial reporting.

  • Bank account management.

  •  Follow-up of debts and dues

  • Inventory management.

  • Preparing financial statements and financial analysis. and other accounting and financial functions.

One of its main features:

Analyze financial data and generate reports

The program is characterized by its ability to analyze financial data and generate financial reports required for analysis, review, and communication with customers and suppliers.

Create financial statements and financial reports automatically without having to prepare them manually.

Reduces accounting errors that may occur when using manual accounts, by verifying and processing financial data automatically instead of entering them manually, and this program is based on saving time and effort that is used in carrying out manual accounting operations.

providing costs related to managing financial accounts
Improve the company's financial planning

It can be used to analyze previous financial statements, identify trends and financial data, and use them to predict the future in order to improve the company’s financial planning.

Provides convenience and flexibility in managing your financial accounts
The software is part of cloud solutions, as it runs and stores financial data in the cloud, This provides access to data from anywhere and at any time, without the need to access manual accounting files.
Practical solutions with professional technology

If you are looking for an accounting system to improve the management of your company's financial accounts, save costs, time and effort and improve financial planning.

Masarat General Accounts Program is the perfect solution to improve the financial performance, increase productivity and sustainability of your company, and provide protection for your company's financial data.

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